• 41 Bond St.
    41 Bond St.
    New York, NY
    Floors: Rustic Oak
    Dim:  192/2000/13
    Surface: Brushed
    Finish: Custom/Natural Oil

    Developer/Builder: DDG Partners
  • Solaris
    Vail, CO
    Interior: Hacked Wood
    Dimensions: Random Width & Length
    Surface: Hacked
    Finish: Raw
    Developer/Archtiect: SPO
  • Garmisch Residence
    Project 1003
    Vail, CO
    Floor: Rustic Oak
    Dimensions: 158/192/2400/15
    Surface: Brushed
    Finish: Custom Poly
    Developer: Concept4012
    Architect: Blueline
  • TriBeCa Warren St.
    TriBeCa Warren St.
    New York, NY
    Floor: Knotty Oak
    Dimensions: 192/2400/15
    Surface: Sanded
    Finish: Custom Poly
    Developer: DDG
  • 0399
    Vail, CO

    Exterior: Sunburned Siding
    Dimensions: Random Width/Length
    Surface: Brushed
    Finish: Raw
    Developer: ShaefferHyde Contruction
    Architect: Shepard Resources


  • Benefits of Engineered Wood
  • Installation of Engineered Wood

Unsurpassed Stability

With the Clever 3 Layer Construction

With Admonter FLOORs a 3-layer timber construction prevents the natural warping of the wood. Top sides and reverse sides of equal thickness (both 3.6 mm) keep any forces acting on the floor in check. This system is based on the smart principle of tension and countertension. The core layer runs at right angles to the outer layers and gives the board additional stability across its width.

Unsurpassed Durability

More Installation Options

You have more installation options with our flooring than with solid wood flooring, making it much more versatile to the uniqueness each project brings.
  • Floating Installation (Recommended)
  • Glue Down Installation (Recommended)
  • Screw or Nail-Down Installation
  • Full-surface Gluing
  • Installation with Radiant Heat Floors