Simplicity, In All Its Complexity

Tahoe Quarterly
Kyle Magin & Vance Fox Photography

“People say modernism is minimalist—if everything looks so clean, it must be easy,” Jones says. “In truth, it’s exactly the opposite. It’s easier to apply more and more layers of wood to cover up the sins of framing or the natural materials. Making it trim-less or with minimal trim is more challenging. It’s a challenge we as a company and our carpenters are into. We like to make it as clean as possible we look for those details that can show off the contemporary style.”

The finished product is known as the Arc-Tangent home, a mountain modern design conceived by Brobst, whose name borrows from its curved roof/flat roof layout. The arcing roof lines representing different masses in the house for the public and private spaces terminate in straight tangent lines. It is positioned to take advantage of excellent views to Northstar California’s Lookout Mountain.

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