Aspen, CO
Floor:  PB.26 St.Moritz European Spruce
Surface:  Natural Dried, scraped, brushed
Finish:  Natural Oiled
Dimensions:  16.14” widths  |  random lengths 13’-16.4’

Builder:  Schlumberger Scherer Construction
Architect: Rowland + Broughton


Vail, CO
Floor:  European Oak
Grading:  Rustic
Texture:  Brushed
Finish:  Custom Hardwax Oil
Dimensions:  192mm/15mm/2000-2400mm


Vail, CO
Floor – AD.11 Verbier European Oak
Grading: Elegance
Finish: Custom Natural Oil
Dimensions: 192mm/13mm/2000-2400mm


Aspen, CO
Floor:  PB.04 Oak Havanna
Grading:  Rustic
Texture:  Natural dried, rough sawn, brushed
Finish:  White Soap
Dimensions:  Random widths up to 10” | random lengths up to 8’


Snowmass, CO
Floor: PB 04 Oak Havana
Surface: Rough Sawn Natural Dried
Finish: Soaped
Dimension: Random width up to 16" and length up to 16'


Eagle Ranch, CO
Floor: AD.12 Meribel Wood
Surface: Brushed
Finish: Waterbase Poly
Dimensions: 7.5”
Beams: Reclaimed Austrian Beams

Builder: Scott Turnipseed


Vail, CO
Floor: Chestun Tessin A.PB.10 Rustic
Surface: Brushed, Natural Dried
Finish: White Soaped
Dimensions: Random width up to 12" and length up to 14'


Estes Park, CO 
Floor: Wide Planks Bavarian Oak
Surface: Sawn
Finish: Custom Natural Oil
Dimension: 13”

Builder: Westover Construction Inc.
Designer: Kim Toms, Slifer Designs
Architect: Douglas DeChant, Shepherd Resources


Tahoe, CA
Floor: Bavarian Knotty Oak
Dimensions: Random Width & Length
Surface: Brushed
Finish: Custom/Natural Oil

Developer: Corda Construction
Architect: RKD, Jack Snow


Vail, CO
Exterior: Reclaimed Sunburned Siding
Dimensions: Random Width/Length
Surface: Brushed
Finish: Raw

Developer: Beck Building Company
Architect: Sheperd Resources


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